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Pro Hair Revival
68 Reviews
Growth Serum 2 OZ/(1 Month supply)
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Just 3 steps
to better hair!

Achieve your hair goals with the Viabrance line.

Day and Night

1 min application and you’re on your way to thicker hair. Doesn’t require rinsing and you can continue with your normal hair washing routine.

Take your Vitamins

Enhance your hair from within with these delicious gummies full of hair building proteins to promote faster and healthier hair growth.

Volume & Style

Boost volume with this nutrient-dense leave-in conditioner while stimulating hair follicles and encouraging faster hair growth.

The Viabrance Method

Our mission is to help you every step of the way in your hair growth journey! Whether you are looking to strengthen and revitalize your hair, maintain your gorgeous locks, or address hair loss, we've got you covered!

Our easy-to-use Viabrance Hair Care system is full of essential vitamins and nutrients that promote intense hydration to your scalp, hair, and skin.

Three steps is all it takes to get the hair you have been craving!

Step 1
Hair Growth Serum

What's Special?

This serum promotes blood circulation to your hair follicles, providing oxygen and essential nutrients straight to the scalp, allowing your hair to regrow healthy and strong!

Viabrance Growth Serum contains only safe and the highest quality ingredients.

Click here to know the list of ingredients

Step 1
Step 2
Healthy Hair Gummies

What's Special?

This powerful blend of Keratin, Biotin and antioxidants Vitamins C & E promote hair nutrition and hair growth while eliminating free-radicals that weigh your hair down.

Not only will these potent vitamins and nutrients help your hair become stronger and longer, they will also help your skin and nails retain moisture and grow thicker.

Step 2
Step 3
Follicle Booster

What's Special?

Specially formulated for scalp and follicle health, our Viabrance Follicle Booster is a topical solution rich with Vitamin E, Biotin, Tripeptide-10 Citrulline, Amino Acids, Pro Vitamin B5 & Humectants.

This extraordinary blend of botanical agents and peptides nourishes and hydrates your scalp, strengthens hair, and promotes hair growth from follicle!

Let's Start Growing!

Easy steps to start regrowing your hair today!

  • apply
    Step 1: Apply on Scalp

    Apply on dry or towel dried hair.

  • apply
    Step 2: Leave on

    Let the Growth Serum absorb on your scalp.

  • apply
    Step 3: Continue Use

    Continue your treatment to see the best results.

What Users Are Saying About Viabrance

" I love this product. I have new hair growing everywhere. I can't believe how fast the new hairs started coming in! I'm telling you this stuff is amazing. I can't say enough good things about the product. So you get 5 stars from me!!! " - Nicole B

"Best thing ever. It has only bn almost a wk and I see a difference. My hair was shedding out by the handful. Barely anything in the comb. I still have ways to go but I'm a satisfied customer. I will be ordering some more soon." - Temeka J

"I love this serum. My hair is growing very fast. Never before has it grown this fast. In not quite a month it has grown almost 2 inches. Before using this, it would have taken two to three months for it to grow that much" - Janice B


Based on 51 reviews

My hair is back!

I have personally been using it since January 14 (2019) and today is March 8, and myself and my bestfriend both have totally noticed a big difference in both fullness and length. My long full hair is back.

- Cheryl A.

It's awesome.

I tried a lot of other products nothing worked as good as viabrance if you’re looking for great hair get this it’s awesome!

- Jackie B.


Amazing product. My hair has never looked so good in my life and it's been such a short amount of time. I can't say enough good things about these products. Thank you. You saved my hair.

- Nicole L.

Works Great!

These products works great!! Been using it for two months and my hair is thicker, healthier and has grown 5 inches.

- Caitlin R.

Does work

It really does work. Been 2 months and my hair hasn't grown this fast since I was younger ❤️.

- Nadine J.

I really do love it an i need more!

I love it my hair was falling out by the handfulls but after using this I no longer have hair everywere.This product is great.

- Kathy G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Viabrance Hair Growth Serum

Viabrance Growth Serum is a colorless liquid medication containing 2% Minoxidil for use only on the scalp to help regrow hair in women. Since normal hair only grows ½ to 1 inch per month, hair regrowth with Viabrance Growth Serum also takes time. Results may be seen as early as 2 months with twice daily use.

Specially formulated for women, Viabrance Growth Serum, contains the only FDA approved ingredient that has been clinically proven and effective to help regrow hair.

The Hair Growth Serum works best if you apply it to your scalp in the morning and evening, specifically focused on areas where your hair is thinning. Make sure you use the provided dropper to apply to your scalp. Using more than recommended will not make your hair grow faster, so only used the recommended amount. Once the drops have been applied to your scalp, use your fingertips to massage the serum into your scalp, focusing on areas on excess thinning. Wash your hands and any other body part the serum came in contact with, besides the scalp, thoroughly after use.

Since normal hair only grows ½ to 1 inch per month, hair regrowth with Viabrance Growth Serum also takes time. Results may be seen as early as 2 months with twice daily use. For some women, it may take at least 6 months of consistent for results to be seen. If you do not see any results after 6 months, stop using Viabrance Growth Serum and speak with your health care provider as there may be an underlying health issue. Efficacy can also be dependent on a multitude of factors, such as stress, diet, health issues, hair styling/dyeing, etc.

Active Ingredients: Minoxidil 2% W/V.........Hair regrowth treatment
Inactive Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, SD Alcohol 40-B, Water, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Fragrance.

Absolutely! All of our products have been tried and tested on women of diverse backgrounds and hair types with amazing results. The key ingredient in our formula will nourish your follicles and increase blood flow to your scalp! This means no matter what hair type you have, Viabrance will help revitalize it!

All of our products have been clinically tested and FDA approved, however, if you have any medical issues we urge you to speak with your healthcare provider before starting with our Viabrance Growth Serum. Please read the labeling, ingredients, and the directions of each product before usage.

Viabrance Healthy Hair Gummies

Our Biotin rich Viabrance Gummies work by providing you with the perfect amount of vitamins and nutrients to support healthy, beautiful hair. Our Viabrance Gummies deliver the necessary amino acids from Biotin so your body can convert them into Keratin–the most abundant protein in the body and the building block to lustrous and long hair. Once you see the wondrous effects of these powerful gummies, you’ll be hooked for life!

Take 2 gummies once per day! Taking more will not help you get your desired effects sooner, as your body can only absorb so much Keratin and Biotin. We prefer to take these in the morning and wash them down with a large glass of water. You’ll be so hydrated and ready to start the day!

Viabrance Follicle Booster

The Viabrance Follicle Booster is perfect for any hair type. For best absorption use after hair has been washed and still wet, however, it can also be used on dry hair. This nutrient rich formula includes Biotin, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5, and Amino acids. With this powerful bunch of nutrients, your hair and scalp will be looking and feeling voluminous and healthy!

Apply 1 pump of Viabrance Follicle Booster to hands, rub into hands and distribute from root to tips. This can be used as needed throughout the day when hair feels dry or to tame flyaways.

About the Viabrance Hair Care Line

Yes! We recommend using all 3 products together to promote your best, most lustrous hair. However, if you ARE NOT experiencing hair loss already, you may want to skip the Viabrance Growth Serum. Using these 3 products together will surely get you to your hair goals!

For women just looking to lengthen and strengthen their hair and who ARE NOT already experiencing hair loss/thinning, we highly recommend a combination of our Viabrance Biotin Gummies and Viabrance Follicle Serum. This duo sure to provide you with visible and long lasting results!

Great question! Though our Viabrance Hair Care line has some of the same ingredients as a few of our competitors, rest assured, our flagship growth products stimulates blood flow to your scalp, delivers essential nutrients right to the follicle and nourishes not only you hair but your skin and nails too! This is all done with high quality ingredients and a focus on female hair needs that our competitors are lacking. The Hair Growth Serum aids in the regrowth process by nourishing your scalp and penetrating deep into the hair follicle to create strength and longevity to each strand. The Healthy Hair Gummies nourish the hair follicle, skin and nails from the inside out by delivering essential nutrients in the correct dosage to ensure maximum absorption. And the Follicle Booster delivers a rush of hydration straight to the hair shaft to give your hair a healthy moisturized look and feel!

Subscribe to our Auto Replenishment and we will refill your Viabrance favs every month so you have the ideal schedule to continue your program and achieve your hair goals!. You also get FREE shipping on your shipments. Need to cancel, change or pause your service? No prob! You can manage your subscription contacting us at (800) 316-1217.

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